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Team Blackstar kicked off the 2013 season with their Training Camp hosted by Carmichael Training Systems(http://trainright.com). As one of the team’s sponsors and provider of fantastic coaching to many of our riders, CTS was the perfect outfit for the team to turn to for a weekend of testing, training and tutoring. And there is no better location on the planet for team bonding than the Santa Ynez Valley, which hosts amateur and pro teams from around the globe every year.

Day 1 started with LT testing on each Blackstar Team Rider by their staff of Kirk, Matt, & Julia (physiological testing experts) and some great guidance by expert Jason Siegle (CTS Coach) at the CTS Santa Ynez training facility ( http://trainright.com/locations/cts-santa-ynez/ ). The afternoon ride included some climbing in the Refugio Mountain Road area, skills work in the local singletrack and a bombing descent back down to Santa Ynez. CTS experts provided some great insight into our individual test results over dinner in town.

Day 2 consisted of two loops in the Los Padres National Forest led by Jason and Kirk, first up the Little Pine climb out of Cameusa Canyon and next up the Arroyo Burro climb to El Camino Cielo overlooking Santa Barbara. The long climbs were rewarded with amazing ocean views and screaming singletrack descents, leaving us all wanting more (food, that is).

The weekend was a perfect chance for team bonding, dialing in equipment, and just plain great riding. Many thanks to our friends at Carmichael Training Systems for helping us get the season started off right.

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